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The Fresno State Digital Repository is the open access repository for the intellectual and cultural capital of California State University, Fresno. It collects, preserves, and provides access to the scholarly, creative, instructional, and administrative work of campus faculty, staff, and in some cases students.

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Recent Submissions

  • Rogers, Samantha Kim (2017-05)
    This novel follows young tenacious Sybil as she navigates her traumatic past, and tumultuous present. Beginning in 1989 Tucson, AZ, Sybil contemplates her identity as a daughter through the lens of a motherless child. The ...
  • Savelli, Patricia (2017-05)
    This collection of essays explores the in-between space one occupies as an outsider, a writer, an adolescent, a traveler, a woman, and a person in search of who they are. The collection of reflections, vignettes, essays, ...
  • Katabasis 
    Hernandez, Jacob Jonathan (2017-05)
    This is a manuscript of poems that deal with the places and people in the speaker’s life. It centers on the loss of one space while entering another. Much of the manuscript is about the speaker’s experiences in Colorado ...
  • Hoffa, Alysha Marie (2017-05)
    The essays in this creative nonfiction collection explore the impact of memory gaps and missing spaces on the stories we tell. Upon her arrival in a new town as a freshman in college, Alysha Hoffa is deeply traumatized ...
  • Hozen, Katsya (2016-08)
    Russian Molokans migrated to the United States in the twentieth century, with the majority of the migrants originally settling in Los Angeles, California. Many of the elders wanted to maintain and preserve the Molokan ...