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  • Gildoro 
    Kinyon, Jeannette (1965)
    It was the smell that was the difference. Pine. Aspen. Dogwood. That was it, Or maybe it was the way the layers and layers of leaves packed together, making inches of rich soil mixed with silver-brown pine needles. And ...
  • Steinley, Gary (1967)
    Even a cursory survey of recent grammar textbooks will reveal that research in structural linguistics and transformational grammar is finally becoming part of the English curriculum. These approaches are supplementing and ...
  • Woodruff, Elbert N (1971)
    "Isaac McCaslin, 'Uncle Ike', past seventy and nearer eighty than he ever corroborated any more, a widower now and uncle to half a county and father to no one"— thus begins William Faulkner's novel Go Down, Moses. Even ...
  • Silva, Gary P (1971)
    The concepts of activity and passivity have appeared both in the writings of Freud and the Neo-Freudians. Though these terms have never had a consistent meaning or application they most often appear in connection with two ...