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  • Rodriguez, Suzanne (2019-10-02)
    School principals have a significant impact on student achievement, and the need to adequately prepare and develop them is necessary if districts want to positively impact student achievement outcomes. This case study ...
  • Herold, Robert Thomas (2019-05)
    This research study analyzed the faculty perceptions of Problem Based Learning (PBL) at one state university campus. There has been an upsurge in student-centered pedagogies as empirical research has demonstrated the ...
  • Waski, Ryan; Verduzco, Mily; Alakwaa, Ahmed; Gomez, Jesus; Mireles, Dominic; Aldokhi, Mohammed; Menkabo, Muneer (2019-01)
    The new home for the state of the art theater for the Fresno Philharmonic Orchestra will be located near North Palm and Alluvial Avenue. The Music hall will offer exceptional music of all genres to the Central Valley. The ...
  • Gonzalez, Jose; Alanesi, Ali; Jenkins, James; Parakul, Suitida; Critchfield, Amanda; Nguyen, Ngoc; Petrucci, Ryan; Jimenez, Magdaleno (2019-01)
    Urban Innovators Incorporated were tasked with the new development of an American Sports Center for the client American Sports Centers (ASC) located in Anaheim, California. The Fresno Elite Sports Center will be located ...
  • Endes, Clayton; Martin, Cole; Elia, Scott; Al-Ansiy, Mauth; Mandair, Jasvinder; Nguyen, Cam (2019-01)
    California State University, Fresno’s student population continues to rise. While the campus population will continue to grow, the land available to this population will largely remain more or less constant. As a result ...