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Show simple item record Petrucci, Vincent E. Clary, Carter D. Bishel, Donald D. Webb, A.D. Kepner, R.E. Clary, Carter D. Ough, C.S. Alley, C.J. Kliewer, Mark W. Lider, Lloyd A. Kasimatis, Amand N. Logan, Robert Goheen, Austin C. Cook, Hugh Hoy, Marjorie A. Flaherty, Don L. Peacock, William L. Kido, H. McLean, D.L Barnett, W.W. Stern, Vernon M. Legner, Fred Flaherty, Don L. Dibble, John E. Gutierrez, A.P. Williams, D.M. Ellis, C.K. Wang, Y. Raski, D.J. Jones, Norman O. Hafez, Saad L. Viglierchio, D.R. McKenry, Michael V. Leavitt, George Moller, William J. Sall, Mary Ann Cucuzza, James Christensen, Peter L. Andris, Harry Jensen, Frederik L. Goheen, Austin C. Ramming, David W. Peacock, William L. Kliewer, Mark W. Olmo, Harold P. Studer, H.E. Lange, Arthur H. Bendixen, W. Kempen, H. Foott, J. Leavitt, George Cudney, D Luvisi, Donald A. Teviotdale, Beth L. Aljibury, F. Alley, C.J. Cain, D.W. Clary, Carter D. Akesson, N.B. Yates, W.E. Brazelton, R.W. Bayer, David E. Biller, Alan D. Soderstorm, Edwin L. Nef, Clyde E. Dokoozlian, Nick K. Bishel, Donald D. McIntyre, Steve A. 2019-03-14T22:04:18Z 2019-03-14T22:04:18Z 2019-03-14
dc.identifier.other RAI 3.4; RAI 3.7; RAI 3.8 en_US
dc.identifier.other 1980_11 en_US
dc.identifier.other CALRAB-California Raisin Advisory Board: Proposals en_US
dc.identifier.other CALRAB-California Raisin Advisory Board: Research Reports-1979-80 en_US
dc.identifier.other CALRAB-California Raisin Advisory Board: Research Reports-1980-81 en_US
dc.title Golden Seedless Raisin Production Using Potassium Metabisulfite Sodium Bisulfite 2019-03-14T22:04:18Z
dc.contributor.sponsor Digitization Made Possible by the Association of Research Libraries Project CERES Grant en_US
dc.type.genre Text en_US

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